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Second Tample Model 

The model created for the reopening of the Migdal David Museum in Jerusalem in 2023 is a remarkable creation designed by our team. We meticulously crafted a 3D CAD model and utilized various cutting-edge 3D printing technologies to bring it to life. The architectural representation of the temple within the model is particularly captivating, with all structures being semi-transparent. However, the centerpiece, the main temple building, stands out as it is made entirely of crystal-clear transparent material.

To enhance the visual appeal of the model, we incorporated a sophisticated lighting system. Underground LEDs strategically illuminate the entire architectural ensemble, creating a mesmerizing display. This illumination adds depth and vibrancy, allowing viewers to appreciate the intricate details of the model even further.

By combining advanced design techniques, innovative 3D printing technologies, and captivating lighting effects, our team has created a truly remarkable model that is sure to captivate visitors and enrich their experience at the Migdal David Museum in Jerusalem.

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